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These guides will take you through GPIO programming on the Raspberry Pi from beginner to expert level. They are for teachers to use to plan and teach from and are different from other guides in that they take you through PERFORMing the process to be coded, then PLANning it before any PROGRAMming starts.

This is a work in progress - more guides will be added as I work through them with my students - see my school website for related blog entries.

Rationale behind the guides
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins Models A and B
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins Models A+, B+ and Pi 2

1: Make an LED flash
2: Traffic Lights
3: Use button to control LED
4: Two button reaction game
5: Simon game
6: Sound
7: Use button to control sound
8: Simon game with sound

1: Take Photo
2: Take Video
3: Store Photo (file handling)
4: Email Photo
5: Tweet Photo
6: Camera booth (with sound)

1: Motors
2: Sensors
3: Robotics