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Yesterday my Hap-Pi robot DIY kit arrived in the post - today I built it.

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It came in two parts - the chassis and the Hap-Pi add-on board which sits on top of a Raspberry Pi. First I had to solder the board - The Little Robot Company provided a very good help sheet and associated video for this.

Then I built the chassis and Case4Pi - again good worksheets and associated videos (chassis - case4pi) were provided.

Once up and running (after realising I needed to flick the switch on the battery case!) on the Pi I used ScratchGPIO to interface with the Hap-Pi. Simon Walters has produced a simple guide here for this. This all worked.

I decided to take it one step further and to use the Scratcher Control app on my Android phone to control the robot. Here’s the code and video of it all working.




There’s a Hap-Pi website on it’s way which will provide more information and tutorials -